Investment Review – November 2020

Market Indicators

  • JSE All Share (ALSI) 57,091.89
  • Rand/Euro R 18.44
  • Rand/Pound R 20.59
  • Rand/US Dollar R 15.43
  • Rand/Aus Dollar R 11.35

Antitrust – the ‘Big Tech’ Debate

Over the past decade as we have shifted into the digital economy, technology has become more ingrained in our everyday life and as consumers, we have become more reliant on technology for how we work, communicate, shop, and relax. This has created an environment that has led to technology-based companies growing exponentially, cementing themselves as market leaders, and becoming some of the largest, most powerful businesses in the world. It is no surprise then that this has attracted the attention of various regulators. Most recently the US, with the release of a 451-page report which is the product of an 18-month investigation into what they deem as anti-competitive behaviour by Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

In this month’s article we look at this antitrust case, the consequences of government intervention, as well as look ahead to see what a potential outcome could be for investors.

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