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M&G Investments

M&G was originally founded as the “Municipal and General Securities Company” in London in 1900. We launched the very first unit trust in the UK and Europe, the “M&G First British Fixed Trust” in 1931 and became part of Prudential plc, the UK-listed global insurance and investments group, in 1999. Finally, we took on our current form in 2019 when we de-merged from Prudential plc and listed independently on the London Stock Exchange as M&G plc.

Our logo, an open, outlined square, represents a two-way window. It’s first a window of openness into our business, signifying the priority we place on the transparency of our processes, and the open and direct nature of communications with our clients. Equally, it’s a window through which we look to the future, to symbolise the forward-thinking nature of both our company and the broader investment environment.

In our design approach, it’s used as an element to focus in on (or “shed light” on) a particular aspect of an image, as in the way we would analyse an asset we invest in.

Our investment philosophy and process

  • We are prudent: We construct our portfolios on a risk-conscious basis.
  • We use a strict valuation-based process: We buy when an asset’s valuation is below its long-term fair value, and sell once it reaches fair value again.
  • We make decisions based on known facts, and we don’t try to forecast the future.
  • We focus on the long term and try to ignore short-term “noise”.
  • We have used the same rigorous, consistent process successfully since we started over 25 years ago.
  • We have a team-based approach: Our highly experienced and qualified team have been working together for many years. All our buy and sell decisions are taken collectively.

We believe that the consistent application of our philosophy and process will lead to sustainable investment performance for our clients over time.


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    South Africa

The Allan Gray-Orbis Global Equity Feeder Fund remains fully invested in global equities. The objective of the Fund is to outperform the FTSE World Index at no greater-than average risk of loss in its sector.